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PE Double wall corrugated pipe

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About Us

About Us

Changxing Huachen Refractory Material Factory is a manufacturer which focuses on manufacturing corundum silicon carbide furnace tube, furnace and other refractory material. Products are equipped with many excellence performances such as thermo stability, corrosion resisting, good thermal shock resistance, long using life. Our products have complete specification and reliable quality. And they are widely used in special ceramics, electronic ceramics, function ceramics, metal forging, and piezoelectric ceramics, electrical ceramics, metal ceramics, and magnetism material, rare earth phosphors, long afterglow phosphor powder, hyperbaric hard alloy, lithium battery positive and negative materials, lithium cobalt oxide, cobalt oxide, strontium carbonate, lithium iron phosphate, chemical industry powder, nano iron oxide, barium carbonate powder, zirconia powder, electronic hyperpure powder and other inorganic new material area.

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